Lora Vifquain

Assistant Project Manager

Lora Vifquain    Lora Vifquain is an independent contractor for the J.F. Smith Group and works in the position of assistant project manager. In this role, Lora works with JFSG project managers on their capital campaigns, assisting behind the scenes with the details necessary to ensure campaign success. Lora quickly exhibited the skills necessary to manage…

John C. Lohmeyer

Feasibility Study Specialist

Richard Hood

Feasibility Study Specialist

Dennis Wilson
Dr. Ben O. Character

Feasibility Study Specialist

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Pam Konetzni

Associate Vice President

Susan Crowe

Assistant Director of Marketing and Administration

Donna Lassiter

Vice President of Feasibility Studies

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Nancy C. Smith

Vice President of Marketing and Special Projects

Melissa Gilliland

Vice President

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