Jerry F. Smith, CFRE*

President & CEO

Megan Augustine

Senior Vice President of Communications and Publications

Tina Brown

Vice President of Internal Operations and Finance

Mark Martin

Executive Vice President of Project Management Western Division

Sissy Spence

Senior Vice President of Project Management Eastern Division

Steve Jankiewicz

Vice President of Client Services and Technology

Chuck Streets

Vice President Campaign Project Manager

Donna Harper

Administrative Assistant to the President and CEO

J. Lewis Cannon

Director of Feasibility Study Training and Strategy

John Staton

Feasibility Study and Campaign Specialist

Dr. John B. Hammett

Feasibility Study Specialist

Carol Ownby

Assistant Project Manager

Nancy C. Smith

Vice President of Marketing and Special Projects

Robert Edmonds

Feasibility Study Specialist

Donna Lassiter

Vice President of Feasibility Studies

Chip Townsend

Feasibility Study Specialist

Dr. Ben O. Character

Feasibility Study Specialist

John C. Lohmeyer

Feasibility Study Specialist

Dr. Richard Hood

Feasibility Study Specialist

Lora Vifquain

Associate Vice President Assistant Project Manager