Campaign Management


A fund-raising campaign’s purpose, objectives, goals, potential donors, duration and format will be defined utilizing the information obtained during a feasibility study, JFSG’s recommendations, and the client’s decisions. The length of a fund raising campaign is determined by factors such as the dollar amount of the campaign goal and the number of qualified prospects.
The J. F. Smith Group tailors its consulting services to meet the specific requirements of a client. The assessment of the organization’s development office will determine specific fund raising campaign management recommendations.

Based on JFSG’s experience, campaigns are staff driven in the early stages, with the possible recruitment of volunteers supporting later stages. The J. F. Smith Group provides one of its associates as the on-site project manager. Fund Raising Campaign management services available through the J. F. Smith Group and its associates include:

  • Create a recommended campaign infrastructure including campaign timeline,¬†organizational structure, leadership and development roles and¬† responsibilities, gifts table and solicitation appeal structure, prospect management plan, and campaign tracking and reporting system.
  • Assist in the creation and editorial expertise concerning the development of all campaign publicity and solicitation materials including case statement, solicitation proposals, newsletter, press releases and special event materials.
  • Provide direction and guidance with regard to developing solicitation strategies for leadership and major donors.
  • Consult with campaign leadership and administration with regard to the overall campaign progress and strategy.
  • Accompany campaign leadership, administration and development staff on selective leadership and major gift solicitation presentations.
  • Assist in the identification and recruitment of campaign volunteers.
  • Educate campaign volunteers, administration and development staff on proven solicitation methods.