B.S. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Robert Edmonds joined the J.F. Smith Group in 2019 as a feasibility study interviewer.

Prior to joining the J.F. Smith Group, Robert had a 42-year career in pharmaceuticals beginning in 1971 as a sales representative for CIBA Pharmaceuticals.

Robert held positions in General Sales, Specialty Sales (Neuro, CNS, Cardiovascular), Executive Hospital Specialist, District Management, Regional and Area Director, and in Marketing Consulting. In these roles, he was responsible for: 10-100+ sales and management personnel; hiring and development of representatives and managers; development of sales and marketing programs; development of academic speakers; management of promotional focus group programs and personnel; and, many other sales and marketing programs directed to physicians and medical associates.

Robert participated in and directed courses in: leadership, negotiations, behavioral sciences, facilitating groups and focus group dynamics, questioning skills, presentation skills, and utilization of computer programs in presentations and reporting.

Since retiring in 2015, Robert has done consulting work for firms wanting guidance and training in customer sales, building relationships, and in planning, organizing, and performing promotional focus groups.